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   Dec 16

Cosmetic surgery – is it right for your fitness?

Statistics shows that 14.6 million Americans went under the knife in 2012, with 5% more than in 2011. Over 6 million Botox injections were performed and roughly 286,000 boob jobs. However, patients should be realistic as far as plastic surgery is concerned. Although the recovery process and the costs are significant, in the end the […]

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   Jun 04

Tips for a Perfect Ladies’ Spa Day

Spa days are considered an awesome way for you to relax. Due to customary hectic schedules, finding a way to relax on a regular basis is a necessity. Having spa days will help you with effectively rejuvenating your mind and body so it becomes healthy and able to function properly. Spa days do not need […]

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   Feb 26

Five Myths About Plastic Surgery Debunked

Whether it’s a nose job or breast implants, many people are choosing to get plastic surgery these days to improve their looks. Most of them do extensive research on the procedures they desire before they meet with a plastic surgeon.   If they do most of their research on the Internet, they can have trouble […]

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   Oct 16

Five Tips for Winter Makeup

As the weather cools and the seasons change, the demands upon our skin change. Just like we put away our summer clothes and pull out our sweaters and coats, so do we need to adjust our skincare and our makeup palette. With these five easy tips you can easily transition from the golden bronzy tones […]

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   Aug 31

Why Madonna is a Terrible Person

Here me out.  I just want to make a quick point here.  I know that Guinness celebrates her as the greatest female artist of all time and I know that her net worth is over 650 million. Even her songs are catchy, but despite these facts I still can’t say I support this woman.  The […]

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   Aug 30

Great Tips to Motherhood (as applied to Snooki)

The spawn of Snooki is now officially 7 days old.  That means approximately 168 hours have passed since the boy was released from… you know, wherever it is babies are released from.  Little quido Lorenzo (nicknamed “Enzo”) was born approximately 120 days before 12/21/12.  I don’t know if that means anything. Wait oops, I mean […]

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   Aug 10

5 Tricks to Instantly Boost Confidence

Put On Clean Socks and Underwear I know it works for me.  Any time I get out a fresh pair of socks and my favorite pair of underwear (doesn’t everyone have a favorite pair?) I feel much more confident about my self.  I feel clean and fresh, and I love that feeling.   I don’t know […]

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   Aug 09

Ways To Become More Attractive

Everyone wants to be attractive.  This is natural. If you don’t want people to like you, well, then you have some weird psychological problems. Even if you do have some strange aversions toward other people you are still attractive. There, do you feel pretty yet? Being attractive shows that you take pride in yourself.  It […]

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   May 25

How to Bring Pale Skin to Life

If you’ve got pale skin, it might be time to book a course of IPL skin rejuvenation, stock up on beauty products and add some colour to your complexion. Fair skin can be beautiful, but it’s important not to look washed out. Here are five ways to bring pale skin to life: Jessica StaheliAbout the author: Jessica Staheli […]

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   May 23

How To Get That Perfect Hollywood Smile

Did you know that your smile can tell a lot about your hygiene routines and also whether you take care of yourself or not. Generally, men and women check the teeth of the people who ask them out, as they  want to make sure that they will be comfortable kissing them. Therefore, if you have […]

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