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   Jun 04

Five Ways to Prevent Body Fat from Returning

There is nothing harder than losing body weight but it’s just as important that you work as hard to keep it returning. You don’t want to find yourself in a yo-yo situation where you keep going up and down as it’s very easy to put the weight back on that you just lost.   You […]

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   Apr 17

Rachael Ray Show Being Sued for Overworking Teen for Weight Loss

Apparently, the Rachael Ray Show is being suied for overworking a teen for weight loss. According to, “The suit alleges that Viskovicz “was aware that, as a result of heavy workouts earlier that same week, [Pagliarolo's] legs had become extraordinarily weak and painful.” It also claims that though the trainer knew of the teen’s […]

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   Dec 14

Obesity is a Major Problem for Dogs

There has been a lot of recent hype about dog treadmills. What is all this hype about? Who ever heard of a dog needing a treadmill? Why are dog treadmills getting more and more popular? As the owner of two very trim and fit dogs, the thought never crossed my mind. Jessica StaheliAbout the author: […]

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   Nov 26

Top Five Apps to Help You in Weight Loss

Losing weight is a hard journey for anyone but with the latest advancements in technology, it has got just a little bit easier. Most everyone has some type of mobile device; from a cell phone to tablet. These devices come in very handy when it comes to weight loss thanks to weight loss applications. There […]

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   Oct 26

The Green Coffee Pure Supplement

Green Coffee Pure, as the name implies, is a pure green coffee extract in pill form. Besides the coffee extract, it contains a couple of additional ingredients, some of which include: mango, acai, green tea, and kelp.  It is currently the #1 rated green coffee extract supplement, and the company claims to have thousands of […]

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   Oct 15

Top 3 Foods to Avoid While Dieting

Most steadfast dieters know the obvious foods to avoid when trying to lose weight. No matter what weight-loss plan you are following, foods like pizza, pasta, cookies, and donuts are always dieting no-no’s. However, it might surprise you to know what some of the hidden diet-derailing culprits are. Lucky for you, there are tricks on […]

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   Oct 05

The Lemonade Diet

Recently, I wrote a post about Raspberry Ketones and their fat burning properties. Today I came across a new type of diet that uses raspberry ketones as one of the main components, so I did a little research on it.   It’s call the lemonade diet (found at and it’s basically just a powder that you […]

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   Sep 30

Can Apple Cider Vinegar Help With Weight Control?

Vinegar in general has always had this multi-purpose quality to it. People have been using it for years to do anything from killing pesky weeds in a garden to providing a tasty dressing on a salad. However, one of the newest crazes seems to be the use of apple cider vinegar as a way to […]

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   Sep 29

Tips on How to Naturally Lose Weight

There are countless ways to lose weight and some of these are drinking enough amount of water each, doing house chores, or making walking a habit. Natural ways of losing weight will not only help us become healthy but it will avoid us from spending money. Jessica StaheliAbout the author: Jessica Staheli is a health […]

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   Aug 28

Reasons to Start Running

Running is great for everyone. Even if you are in the best shape of your life you should still mix in cardiovascular training into your weekly workout routine if you want to keep your body in shape or if you need to lose some weight. If you are really in the best shape of your […]

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