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   Nov 01

How to Avoid Common Accidents & Illnesses on Holiday

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Going away on summer holiday is supposed to be fun and rejuvenating, but sometimes things just don’t work out like we expect. Many holidaymakers from the UK end up visiting pharmacies and medical centres abroad each year for a whole host of accidents and illnesses. It’s unfortunate when something happens on holiday as you can lose precious days of sunshine, as well as being very far from the comforts of home. Sometimes you just can’t foresee or stop an accident from happening, but being more observant and prepared can reduce the risk of others. Here are just a few ways to avoid common accidents and illnesses on holiday:


Use common sense


It sounds obvious, but when many of us go on holiday we forget to use our heads. We don’t like thinking of much more than “beach”, “dinner”, “cocktails” – so it is fairly understandable that we hesitate to use the common sense we would do at home. It is actually really important as it could avoid you getting ill or hurt. For example, when in the UK you wouldn’t eat food that wasn’t properly cooked or stored in an unhygienic manner, so don’t do it abroad either! Running next to the swimming pool also isn’t the cleverest choice.


Watch where you step


Building and construction standards are not necessarily going to be the same abroad as they are in the UK. That means there could be trip hazards from loose tiles, bricks or even wayward cables. When this does happen it can result in a visit to the local hospital, something you really don’t want to have to do when you’re on holiday. Therefore it’s really important that you take care when walking anywhere on holiday, whether near the pool or down the stairs. See here for more about these kinds of accidents.


Party sensibly


There are plenty of places to get a good cocktail when you’re on holiday, but there are a few ways to keep safe when indulging in them. If you have an allergy, make sure to read the cocktail menu to find out whether or not the drink is right for you; remember that it is likely to have added fruit for decorations so you could always order it without this. Once you start to have a few of these fruity concoctions, it’s best to avoid going into the sea, swimming pool or onto a balcony as your judgement will be impaired; serious incidents such as drowning and falls take place each year by intoxicated tourists. If you’re in a club, never leave your drink unattended as anyone could put something in it that can affect your actions and health.


Take care of your skin


Finally, use the right sun protection for your skin. The rays from the sun can be much stronger than you think, resulting in a burn in a very short amount of time. Always follow the directions on the bottle to find out how often you should apply it and when. There has also been a rise of cases of allergies from certain products, so if you have any known sensitivities, read the list of ingredients before you use the product.

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