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   Aug 09

Ways To Become More Attractive

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artsy pictureEveryone wants to be attractive.  This is natural. If you don’t want people to like you, well, then you have some weird psychological problems. Even if you do have some strange aversions toward other people you are still attractive. There, do you feel pretty yet?

Being attractive shows that you take pride in yourself.  It shows everyone that you respect yourself.  It is not meant to be vain.  You simply want to look your best because you are worth it.

Eat Well and Exercise

Bodies our machines, just they are more biological instead of mechanical.  What we put into these and how we use them help to shape us.  Like it or not, the way you look, the appearance of your body is going to have a huge affect on whether people like you or not.  Take care of yourself, eat right and exercise.  You will look better, feel better, and your whole quality of life will be improved.

Be Confident

There is a certain healthy amount of conceit. If you let people walk all over you, they will not think of you as pretty, they will think of you as a door mat.  Being attractive is much more than just our veneer outward appearance.  People are attracted to those who have independent view points. People like those who know what they want.  No, don’t get me wrong, being confident does not mean being overly assertive.

Listen and be Respectful

If someone has different philosophy or view on something than you, do not tell them they are wrong.  Rather show them that you really listened, but that you have your own opinion.  If you can disagree with someone without making things uncomfortable you will have many, many friends.

Be passionate

This one is a huge one.  Love what you love, and don’t hide it.  If you enjoy doing something: cooking, running, watching anime, then let people know that is what you like to do.  People who will judge you because of your passions are not the ones you want to attract.  Others will see your passion and find it appealing.  When you have passions in life, those passions over flow into every other facet of life.  If you love writing, you will see that you begin to love life more.  People who are passionate about something or another are always attractive.

Do Not Try To Please Everyone

The world is composed of conflicting views and separate ideologies.  If you are constantly changing your stance to fit the crowed you are temporarily in, you will eventually lose yourself.  To be attractive you must be comfortable with who you are, no matter if you don’t fit in with some crowds.

Be a Friend

A sure fire way to make a friend is by being a friend.  This trick is probably the most useful and valuable trick on earth.  If you are just meeting someone for the first time, imagine them as an old friend and you are just catching up.  You would be surprised at how fast they will open up.  This trick will work 99 percent of the time.

Jessica Staheli

About the author: Jessica Staheli is a health and fitness nut. She loves to write about being healthy and getting in shape. You can follow her at Google+

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    Your blog is really a confidence-booster. I have learned so much from you as far as taking care of oneself is concerned. Are there other tips you can give so I can be more confident to face the world?