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   Dec 17

Five Ways to Boost Your Fertility

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FertilityIt can be incredibly difficult for a woman to have trouble with fertility when they long to be a mother. Because many women are already attached to their future children, it can be heartbreaking when test after test tells you that you are not pregnant.

Because there are many variables influencing conception, sometimes we simply are not doing the right things at the right time. Sometimes a simple change to a routine or addition to a diet can enhance your ability to conceive.

Here are five ways to boost your fertility:

Number 1: Fertility Supplements

Womens fertility supplements are a great option for stimulating fertility. Because women need many nutrients in their body to help their fertility quality, choosing a supplement is a good idea because it provides you with necessary ingredients your diet may be lacking.

A woman’s egg quality can be extremely fragile, and including an additional supplement into your diet could help strengthen your egg quality.

Number 2: Watch Your Weight

Being underweight or overweight can be an issue when it comes to conception. Because women’s bodies are sensitive when it comes to certain things such as weight, women’s fertility is going to be sensitive too.

Being overweight can cause an overproduction of hormones which can mess up a women’s cycle. If your cycle is irregular then it is difficult to gage when you are ovulating. Moreover, if you are not ovulating as often, you are less likely to conceive.

Being underweight can cause an underproduction of hormones which can also mess up a women’s cycle. If there is not enough weight to generate a women’s cycle then there is not enough wait for a women to ovulate and conceive.

Exercise can benefit your weight, but it is important not to overdue it. If you are pushing yourself to the point of exhaustion, you may also stop ovulating or increase your chances for a miscarriage.

Number 3: Watch What You Eat

The nutrients, or lack thereof, in food can drastically effect conception. It is extremely important for your diet to be filled with omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, protein, iron, and vitamin-C. For a woman, deficiencies in these areas can lead to irregular cycles. And, again, an irregular cycle makes it difficult to pinpoint exactly when you are ovulating.

Number 4: Just Say No

Both alcohol and cigarettes can hinder your ability to conceive. Alcohol effects your estrogen levels which makes conception difficult. Cigarettes, have toxins that not only damage a woman’s egg, but it also interferes with the egg’s ability to be fertilized as well as causing a woman’s ovary to age significantly.

Number 5: Sex

Studies have shown that women who engage in sex weekly have more normal cycles and regular ovulation. Because your husband exudes hormones as well, sex can affect your reproduction system. Also, sex can increase estrogen which can increase your ability to conceive.

While you may be frustrated about your inability to conceive, these changes or additions to your routine might be able to improve your fertility and allow you to conceive your child.

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