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   Jan 05

How can Plan B pill save you from getting pregnant?

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If you have had an unprotected sex or your contraceptive failed, there is still a solution; emergency contraception called Plan B, that can prevent unwanted pregnancy. It is important to note that it applies only to “emergency” and that it is not a regular method of birth control. Emergency contraception involves administering drugs to prevent unwanted pregnancy after unprotected sex that could result in pregnancy (including sexual assault) or at “​​failure” of other methods of contraception (e.g. condom cracking).

Research has shown that emergency contraception can be effective if administered within 120 hours after unprotected intercourse, in contrast to previous alerts of 72 hours. It can be applied by almost every woman of childbearing age who is sexually active and fertile, to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. The method is safe and effective.

Using Plan B birth control pills is not an abortion because these pills are only used to prevent the occurrence of pregnancy. Possible side effects of abortion are much harder and more dangerous than the side effects of emergency contraception. The contraceptive pill has a higher efficiency if it is taken as soon as possible after having intercourse.

If the pill is taken within 24 hours, nine of the 10 women will prevent the pregnancy that would have occurred if not taken the pill. This method has no serious negative side effects and most women can take a day – after pill, although the pill can cause headaches abdominal pain, feeling of nausea or vomiting.

When to use emergency contraception:

- The absence of contraception during sex

- Mechanical problems with the male condom (cracking, slipping, dripping)

- Change in position, cracking or improper use of a diaphragm, cervical cap or female condoms

- Spermicides do not melt before intercourse

- Miscalculations of the “fertile days” in couples who apply other methods of natural birth control

- Forgot to take birth control pills

- Ejection or partial ejection of uterine cartridge (spiral)

- Exposure to potential teratogens (an ingredient that damages the embryo) such as thalidomide or isotretinoin

- Rape

Some medicines can affect the performance of Plan B pills and the Plan B pill can also affect the way some other medicines work. Emergency contraception usually can be used more than once, but it should not be used as a regular method of contraception, because it is not efficient enough. Plan B price depends on the seller. Because of that you can find a package of Plan B pills from $30 to $ 50. Of course, you can get a better deal if buying online, rather than in a solid store or pharmacy. This is not a prescription medication and that is why health insurance mostly will not cover its cost. A day – after pill called Plan B is now available without a prescription only to girls older than 18 years to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancy after sexual intercourse. Girls aged 17 years or less are obliged to present a doctor’s prescription in order to buy Plan B pill.

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