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   Dec 23

When is the Appropriate Time for Your Loved Ones to Receive Care?

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When is the Appropriate Time for Your Loved Ones to Receive CareNo one wants to admit when their loved one needs outside assistance. Not only does it mean your loved one is getting to an age where their life expectancy is unknown, it also means having to make a decision for them that they may not necessarily like or be in agreement with.

In many cases, we have to parent our own parent. They don’t want to admit their need for help, and we don’t want to accept their need for help.

But, if it is in their best interest, then for their safety and health we must determine when to get them the best help we can find.


Because we do not want to take away anyone’s freedom and independence, this is a sensitive subject. We want to get them help before they hurt themselves, but we don’t want them to feel like we are taking away their freedom.

If possible, it is important to discuss this early on with your loved ones so that by the time this problem arises, you already have an agreed upon plan.

If you haven’t made a plan, determining when to suggest and find a caregiver is best when you can see that they are in danger of hurting them self because of forgetfulness or health problems hindering them from participating in activities.


Services like Abby Caregivers offer trained, professional caregivers who will provide your loved ones with the correct help they need. These professionals are experienced in this field and know how to handle obstinate personalities as well as typical health issues that may arise.

It is possible that you or another loved one could look in after your ailing loved ones, but it can be a physically and emotionally taxing job. Hiring a caregiver ensures that your loved ones are getting the best care because your loved ones are their highest priority.

In Home or At a Home?

Is it better for care to be given at home or in a home?

Each situation is different. For some, having their elderly loved one move in with them is the best option because they can be a support to their loved one and caregiver. For others, having them in either self-assisted care of assisted care is best because there is 24/7 help available.

For loved ones with advanced stages of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, an assisted home is a viable option because there is someone constantly there to protect them from doing something forgetful that could endanger their lives. If they are still married, homes that offer a self-assisted living section with assisted living is a great idea so that while one is receiving 24/7 help, the other can still live independently and visit their spouse as often as they like.

Deciding where, when, and how to determine if assistance is needed for your loved one can be a touchy subject. But, no matter how difficult the situation, we can all agree we want what’s best for our loved ones even if that means making the difficult decisions.

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