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   Apr 17

Rachael Ray Show Being Sued for Overworking Teen for Weight Loss

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Apparently, the Rachael Ray Show is being suied for overworking a teen for weight loss. According to, “The suit alleges that Viskovicz “was aware that, as a result of heavy workouts earlier that same week, [Pagliarolo's] legs had become extraordinarily weak and painful.”

It also claims that though the trainer knew of the teen’s “generally poor physical condition,” he made her keep running after she told him she couldn’t and “yelled and screamed” at her “in a manner that caused Plaintiff to feel anxious, demeaned and threatened.”

Pagliarolo also alleged Viskovicz made her exercise on a Stairmaster “and continually increased the speed” despite her requests to stop. The teen also claims that she fell off the machine and was “yelled and screamed at” again, “causing her to feel even more anxious, fearful, and threatened.”

Then, according to the suit, the teen was “coerced” to begin a hike, during which her “legs, did in fact, give out on her” and caused her to “fall in a manner causing serious injury to her legs.”"

Do you think she was overworked and was treated unfairly? Or do you think she got what she deserved and just needs to suck it up to lose the weight. Click here to read the lawsuit.



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