DIY – How to Make Your Own Natural Tooth Paste for Whiter Teeth?

 A naturally beautiful smile is the biggest asset of an individual. Everyone wishes to have a great set of teeth to smile without any worries and hesitance. A crooked, chipped or a yellow smile is not at all pleasant to glance at. And it is often that your smile or teeth grab the first look of a person when you are socializing.

Are you facing the same trouble? Are you afraid of socializing just because you have yellow teeth? Although, problems like chipped or maligned teeth need professional treatment from a dentist, but the problem with a dull, yellow smile is what you can rectify sitting at home.

Yes! You can create your own teeth whitening toothpaste at home that can give you a brighter smile. Here is an easy-to-make, homemade recipe of an all natural teeth whitening toothpaste that can give you the smile you ever dreamt of!

How to make teeth whitening toothpaste?                                     

Home Made Toothpaste

The first ingredient you need is the baking soda that is non-toxic in nature and is also used in many types of toothpaste available in the market. Put half a cup baking soda in a bowl and add a sweetener to it. Glycerin is the most commonly used sweetener in homemade toothpaste. Two teaspoons of sweetener is enough. The last element is a household hydrogen peroxide that works to whiten your teeth. You need about half of the amount of baking soda, ¼ cup in this case. Mix the ingredients well until you get a smooth creamy paste.

And your toothpaste is ready! If you have kids at home, try and add some food color to make the toothpaste more attractive to kids. Remember! Use only natural food color and not the artificial ones.

You can now put the paste in a light-proof container. It is essential to know that sunlight demolishes the effect of Hydrogen peroxide. So, just keep it in a cool and dry place.

How this tooth paste works?

It is simple and easy to prepare this all natural toothpaste in a few minutes. It is a homemade super formula that aid one to get bright and dazzling teeth. You need not buy any expensive toothpaste from the market to brighten your teeth, where you do not even know that what you are applying to your teeth or mouth.

The hydrogen peroxide and baking soda used in this tooth paste as core ingredients work as a whitener for stained and yellow teeth. They are non-toxic in nature which means these are absolutely safe for the user to apply daily.

Glycerin on the other hand acts as a sweetener that gives the toothpaste a good taste and makes it friendly to your taste buds. Use this tooth paste twice daily to see the best results in less time. The only pain you have to take to prepare this homemade toothpaste is to visit your nearest grocery store.

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