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   May 16


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Hello! I’m Jessica, and I write to help people with easy and simple health tips that they can use in their every day life to help them stay healthy.

I love to find new health and fitness tips that I can share with others, feel free to post your own ideas. I also am open to doing guest posts! Here are my requirements:

  • 300+ Words
  • Must include 2 internal links! (links to my other posts)
  • Must be unique, health related content (I check it through copyscape)
  • MUST be relevant! If you are a carpet steaming company, don’t go around offering teeth-whitening tips.
  • NO AUTHOR BIOS! To link to your website, you must incorporate your links within the article.
Pictures aren’t required, but are definitely wanted! Contact me at [email protected] hotmail dot com.

:D I’m always using social networking sites, you can find me in the links below. Thanks a lot and I hope you enjoy my blog!













  • Matt

    Great blog Jessica. I would love to write a guest post. How do I send you an article?

  • Tom

    Hey Jessica,

    I love your blog! I’d love to see if there’s some way we could collaborate with our sites. I’m open to guest blogging, link sharing, and whatever else you think would help spread the message of good health and nutrition.

    Check out my blog below and let me know if you’re interested.

    Let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help you.

    Wishing you wellness,

  • JenniferL

    Hi Jessica,

    How do I contact you in regards to guest posting?


    • Jessica Staheli

      Email me! :)

  • Kevin Kerfoot

    Hello Jessica,

    We have an article – How To Find A Toothpaste For Gum Disease – that we’d like to submit as a guest post. The article is all original content and would not be published anywhere else. You are welcome to publish the article as is or you can let me know if there are any linking requirements you’d like me to follow. Thank you for your consideration.

    Kevin Kerfoot
    Inbound Content Marketing Director
    Trusted Health Products