I was having mouth sores on the ceiling , the area above the tongue.

Self Remedy

I did a gargle 4 times with betadine for 2 days. Also took becosule (1 daily at night) multivitamin capsule for the same period. It was effective but pain was too much while eating or even having some tea.

So i decided to go to the dentist.

Dentist Rx

The dentist inspected the mouth and advised 2 medicines one oral ointment (Rexidin gel) and the other one was tablet (Rebagen).

Rexidin-M forte Gel

Rexidin Gel

I was advised to apply Rexidin-M forte Gel on the affected area with a clean fingertip 4 times a day. The doc asked to apply in half an hour before eating as the gel the blocks the pain signal to the brain.

Rebagen Tabs

I was also offered this tablet named Rebagen constituting rebamipide. The tablet speedsup the healing of sores, my dentist said. As far as doses is concerned, he advised me 3 tablets daily.

How many days – I was asked to take 20 tabs. The medication was for 7 days.